Art of Red Collaborations

Our drive to challenge convention is core to who we are. Which is why we partnered with VICE to capture what happens when two creators come together to create something totally unexpected and original.

Check out the Art of Red video series trailer.

Whether it’s experimenting with winemaking & graffiti or collage art & poetry, we love the idea of matching artists and rebels with contrasting passions, and seeing how their combined approaches ultimately change our experience with art.

See what our collaborators thought about the Art of Red project. To check out all the videos, head to VICE.com.

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Winemaker Juan Munozoca and Street Artist ZIMER

“I think INTRINSIC is the project I’m most proud of. In many ways the collaboration with ZIMER perfectly showcases the intersection between the rural setting where we grow the grapes and the urban environment in which we enjoy our wines.”    — Juan Muñoz‑Oca, Winemaker

“I want the audience to have such a deep experience with the wine they’ll be brought back to that place every time they see the color red.”    — ZIMER, Street Graffiti Artist

Dancer Marcus Braggs and Composer Angelica Negron

“My hope for this project is for the people watching to feel again. With so much going on in the world, it’s okay to feel emotions that take you somewhere and make you think about something in your life, good or bad.”    — Marcus Braggs, Dancer

“I’ve been wanting to collaborate with a choreographer and dancer, where each of us had complete freedom to create what we wanted. I’d like the audience to feel the music and the dance to be integrated as one thing. I hope people see some of themselves in this piece and connect to what Marcus and I have created in a way that feels new and exciting, yet also strangely familiar.”    — Angélica Negrón, Multi‑Instrumentalist

Collage Artist Noah Talvin and Poet Camogne Felix

“I’ve always been a fan of VICE and its original, groundbreaking content, and I think my own work is in the same lineage of work that dares to push boundaries.”    — Camonghne Felix, Poet

“Camonghne and I were able to negotiate the project successfully back and forth. I just had to figure out how to make my work reflect her poem. I wanted to illustrate it, but not make it a literal 1:1 depiction.”    — Noah Tavlin, Collage Artist